A conversation with THE BASA JUDGES

Tania Tome

Tania Tome is Ecokaya CEO & Womenice.org President. She is a highly accomplished and multifaceted professional known for her exceptional achievements as an award-winning serial entrepreneur, international speaker, economist, performance coach, global ambassador, advisor and author, but how did she get here?

The Best of America Small Business Awards recently welcomed Tania Tome to the BASA independent Judging Panel and invited her to share her story in a short interview.


Tania, in a single sentence, what does your line of work entail?


Ecokaya offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for companies and investors seeking to establish and thrive. Our services cover a wide spectrum, beginning with legal registration and extending to board member advisory services, facilitation of meetings with key stakeholders in the market, partnership establishment, campaign activation, training, and media assessment.


What aspects of working in the education sector do you enjoy?


I find great fulfillment in witnessing people attain their goals. My approach goes beyond just technical expertise - our team provides to leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals with essential soft skills. It’s about fostering motivation, consistency, resilience, and the determination to triumph.


Why become a Judge for the BASA Awards?


Being a judge is crucial to my mission to cultivate worldwide entrepreneurship and leadership ecosystem. It's a responsibility I embrace wholeheartedly. I am grateful for the chance to inspire and support individuals and organizations to achieve their utmost potential.


What is the most important lesson you would want people to learn from you?


My core of wisdom is understanding that efficient energy management is the foundation of success. Learning to let go of harmful patterns and negativity while cultivating motivation is necessary for personal growth. I call this the "Succenergy."


"You have to lead yourself to lead other people."


And what are the qualities you most cherish in a colleague?


I’m drawn to those people who have a hunger for learning and embrace hard work to fuel their journey. I’m fascinated by people willing to explore uncharted territory and push beyond limits.


What significance do you see in the authentic, independent recognition emphasized by the BASA Awards?


Engaging in exposure is an ongoing learning process. Participating in awards signals potential clients that you’re capable of meeting their needs and committed to growth.


"The main competition you have is with yourself."


What exceptional feature are you looking for in the entries? What would you like to see in the winning applications?


Show me diverse excellence. I want to be wowed by your efficiency, dynamism, and sustainability. Beyond monetary gains, I value societal impact-- another “wow” factor that truly resonates.


Anna Stella - Best of America Small Business Awards