The Atlanta Trophy


History of the Trophy

Shortly after forming the Best of America Small Business Awards in 2019, the founders held a dinner in Atlanta to set its goals. Among the topics discussed that night was how best to honor outstanding small business achievements and encourage excellence in all industries across our great nation.

Once agreeing on the details for instituting the annual award, the founders focused their attention on creating a trophy that is not only majestic but also suitable for representing the small businesses' journey.

The Board commissioned Italian sculptor Ithaca to realize a stylized figure of a woman going above her potentiality to reach for a star "per aspera ad astra" (through hardship to the stars). No model was used during the design process.


A Trophy Called Atlanta

Standing 11 ½ inches tall and weighing a robust 1.1 pounds, the Best of Business Small Awards official statuette is a sculpture of a woman using her might to reach for a star. It signifies the years of hardship and unrecognized work entrepreneurs and small businesses go through before carving their space in the community.

Better known as Atalanta, the Best of Business Small Awards trophy name was inspired by the city where the award was founded and the story of the Greek Goddess Atlanta. 

She was a human huntress goddess that symbolized hunting, courage, and nobless, the traits of the entrepreneurs and small businesses we embody. 


100% Handmade in Italy

The statuettes are all 100% handmade and made of ceramic with real gold luster. 

Up to 160 categories will be honored for their achievements by November 19, 2024, including woman small business of the year.. 


Manufacturing Time

The Trophy was uniquely designed for the Best of America Small Business Awards. All statuettes are completely handmade by artist Ithaca. The estimated manufacturing time is 5 months for 160 statuettes.

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Official Name:

The Atlanta Trophy for Best of America Small Business Awards


11½ inches


1.10 pounds

Number of Awards Presented:

160 statuettes per year


100% handmade. Made of ceramic with real gold luster.


Uniquely created for the Best of America Small Business Awards


Ithaca - Arte in Terracotta (Venice, Italy)


Ithaca - Arte in Terracotta

Manufacturing Time:

5 months for 160 statuettes