15 Reasons to Enter the Awards

Strictly for small businesses only, we are unlike any other business awards.


 15 Reasons to Enter the Awards

Winning a business award can help your small business enhance its brand awareness and credibility. Research conducted by the Best Business Awards in 2021 shows that small companies that manage to win awards are reported to see a 63% income boost and a 39% increase in their sales. In this section, we will look at the benefits of entering and winning business awards and different strategies to help you submit a winning entry.

  • Reason 1.

    The BASA Awards are the best way for your small company to get the recognition it deserves. Here you will get a fair chance to win and will not experience nepotism; our judges only care about your work and the extraordinary waves you make in your industry and community.

    Reason 2.

    Winning the award is a great way to differentiate your business, product, and services from your competitors.

  • Reason 3.

    Becoming a winner at the award will give you credibility for your new and existing clients, plus the boost you need to grow.

    Reason 4.

    You will have invaluable business insights from our judges. The judging committee is composed of independent business experts from different industries who only care about your work. You can also request our judges' feedback after the submission, which is a great resource and a testimony to your achievements.

  • Reason 5.

    All BASA award winners will get widespread recognition. Their organization will be listed in the BASA's Hall of Fame and boosted on Instagram, LinkedIn, and other media pages.

    Reason 6.

    Winning the BASA Awards will afford you global exposure to potential new clients and signal to your existing and potential clients the quality of your company, not to mention the cool factor, too.

  • Reason 7.

    The BASA Awards have more than one chance for you to win. We have over 150+ categories and different ways for your organization to be recognized. You can either be a finalist by scoring 75% and above from our judges, companies with the most votes from public voting will enter the Top 300 list, or be the overall category winner by scoring the highest overall marks from both the public and the judges within your categories.

    Reason 8.

    300 participants with outstanding entry submissions will be listed in the Top 300 Small Businesses of the Year. They will be able to join our BASA's Hall of Fame and get their company or organization's deserved publicity and recognition for their hard work.

  • Reason 9.

    By nominating your business you will also have a lot of opportunities to showcase your work. The winning work will not only be able to raise the company profile but also be reviewed and honored by potential clients.

    Reason 10.

    Winners of the BASA Awards will have an opportunity to secure a customized handmade statuette and winners certificate, while finalists will get BASA finalists certificates to share with their partners, clients, colleagues, family, and friends.

  • Reason 11.

    Sending an application is a great way to honor and motivate your employees. By sending the application, you tell your employees you recognize all their hard work and believe that their achievements are worthy the national recognition.

    Reason 12.

    The time and effort you spend preparing your entry are worth it. You develop a captivating success story for your organization and yourself about the daring and heroic journey you took to get you to where you are today, which can then be used elsewhere.

  • Reason 13.

    The BASA Awards are the most authentic awards out there. Unlike other business awards where one can pay to win, here, only your work can get you the win. Participating and winning this award is a great way to wow your partners, colleagues, clients, and staff.

    Reason 14.

    Winners of the BASA Awards will get a range of free tools they can use to promote their awards on their various media pages, including press release templates and winning logos.

  • Reason 15.

    Winning the award encourages you to keep going and continue challenging yourself. It feels good knowing your best effort is seen despite your company's size and years of operation.

    Other than helping with your company's growth winning an award can also aid in boosting your employees' morale once they see how their work is acknowledged and celebrated. Furthermore, as your standards go higher than your competitors, you are able to increase your retention rate and attract new talent to join your organization.