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I. About the Best of America Small Business Awards

What are the Best of America Small Business Awards?

The Best of America Small Business Awards are one of the largest and only independent business awards programs in the United States. At these awards, no participant will experience nepotism, be required to join any club, or pay anything to participate. Furthermore, every business participating will be judged based on their work and the good they do to push the industry forward. To learn more about BASA Awards, click here.

How many categories does the award have?

The Awards have 6 tracks and over 150+ categories ranging from products, services, technology, and innovations for you to choose from.

What are the categories?
The Best of America Small Business Awards has 6 tracks and over 150+ categories to choose from. Whether you're a Local business, family business, sole trader, startup, or small team, these Awards are meant to celebrate the best products, services, technology, and innovations that made you a success. For the full list of categories, click here.

II. What winners get

How many winners and finalists will the BASA Awards have?
There is only one winner per category. All entries scoring 75% from judges will be named finalists and submitted to public voting to increase their chances of becoming category winners. Furthermore, we understand you all can't be winners, and that's why companies that didn't win in their category but got the most votes from the public will be placed in the TOP300 list. The 300 businesses will be listed in the Hall of Fame of Small Business and receive well-deserved recognition for their work. To find out more about the judging and award process, click here.

Will BASA Awards winners receive an award?
The participant with the most marks from both the public votes and judges will be declared the category winner and receive the digital seals and a winner's certificate sent by mail, while businesses in the Top300 list will be awarded a digital certificate and the seals. Furthermore, category winners can commemorate their win by buying and receiving our custom-made Atlanta trophy. To learn more about the trophy Atlanta, click here.

Can BASA Awards winners and finalists purchase additional awards?
Yes. BASA Category winners will have the opportunity to purchase an additional award statuette. The trophy Atlanta is handmade in Italy by a renowned artist called Ithaca.

What are the benefits of sending an application?
There are many benefits to preparing, submitting entries, and winning the BASA Awards. Just sending an application will help you develop a brief and compelling success story of your company and the resilient hero you are, which you can then use elsewhere. We can't mention all the award benefits here, but we have compiled for you 15 reasons why you need to grab this opportunity and send in your application today.

What media coverage can BASA Awards winners expect to receive?
All BASA Awards winners will receive national exposure and be featured on the awards website, blog, and social media channels. The BASA Awards marketing team will work to generate local, regional, and national exposure for all our winners. To find more on what winners get, click here.

III. On the application process

Who can be nominated?

Only small businesses operating in the United States can be nominated. To learn more about BASA Awards, click here.

Who can send an application?
The Best of America Small Business Award accepts entries from only small businesses or startups operating within the United States. An entrepreneur or person looking to send an application can only be accepted if their entry represents a particular company. To learn more about our categories, click here.

Is it only for small businesses?
Yes, we don’t accept nominations from any large or medium-sized enterprises.

Can non-profit organizations send applications?
Yes, any organization can participate as long as they are not considered medium or large companies.

When is the application deadline?
The applications open on March 15, 2023 and close on September 10. For the full awards calendar, click here.

Are there any entry charges?
Yes. Because the BASA Awards are independent, we are funded by your application fees. See the Entry Fees section for more information.

Are submissions kept confidential?
Yes. The BASA Awards organizers ensure that only authorized judges will review entries and that no information about nominees is released to anyone else without prior approval. We also strongly encourage all our applicants not to include company secrets or sensitive information they might not be comfortable sharing with the public since all companies with a judging score of 75% and above will automatically be submitted to public voting. Furthermore, as an extra security measure, we also give an opportunity to BASA Awards category winners and companies on the Top300 list to deduct confidential information from their applications before publishing them on the award website.

Why are the application requirements for most categories so loosely outlined?
The application requirements are loosely outlined because we understand that every organization is unique in its culture, accomplishments, and why and how it seeks recognition. The requirements are structured so that each organization can determine and cite its achievements. We did not want to narrow the award's focus by strictly defining the application requirements.

IV. On the judging process

Who judges the BASA Awards?

The BASA Awards are judged by a panel of independent third-party industry leaders across the United States. The completed Panel of Judges lineup will be announced in June 2023.

Who are the BASA Award judges?
The BASA judging panel comprises third-party industry experts from U.S. corporations interested in giving back and promoting small business growth. Click here to read more.

Can I apply to become a judge?
To become a member of the BASA judging panel, complete the form here. If accepted, you can participate online at your convenience between October 10, 2023 - November 15, 2023.

Will there be an awards ceremony this year?
No, there will be no award ceremony broadcast for the 2023 Best of America Small Business Awards. All winners and finalists will be notified via email and have their certificates sent to their addresses.

V. The Trophy

The Atlanta Trophy
The Atlanta trophy is one of America's most prestigious and envious prizes. The statuette is a hand-made work of art uniquely created in Italy by the internationally acclaimed artist Ithaca. Read more.

We hope you register your company to participate, and we look forward to networking and promoting good work.

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