The Best of America Small Business Awards are prestigiously independent awards created with an unwavering love for small businesses. For years small companies have often not received the recognition they deserve even though they make up 99% of our economy.

From the time the first settler arrived in the U.S., small companies were always big for our economy. They were vital and played an essential role in our country's growth and development.

When the first settlers arrived in the nation, they only had little means to create a comfortable life for themselves and their families. However, they forged ahead despite the odds and later birthed the concept of the "self-made man."

In their new nation, the settlers only had small farms and the wilderness, so they had to be clever and skilled to survive. They used the little they had to build a home, toil the land, raise a family, and make the most of what was needed at home to create the life they wanted.

During this time in our country's history, all businesses were small, and bartering goods and services was how the economy continued. However, the one drawback of that type of trading was the lengthy time transporting goods from one place to another since machines and automation didn't exist, and banking in its modern form was yet to be.

The 1800s was the time when a new America was born and a period of great and fast growth. The period was prompted by a sizable uptick in manufacturing and economic activity as well as an increase in demand for goods and the amount of wealthy Americans.

It was also during this time that businesses grew to large-scale operations as systems and technologies became more modernized. Although small businesses struggled to keep pace during this time, large companies began hiring vast amounts of workers and churning out goods as a way to meet the demand.

Forwarding to the 20th century, large companies began having experiences similar to what their small-scale counterparts experienced in the 1800s. Competition from overseas-based companies had them in a bind.

It was America's small businesses that were able to withstand the pressure brought on by foreign companies entering the market. During that time, not only did the small companies manage to wither the storm, but they also thrived.

As a result, America's economy began growing, and entrepreneurship became an attractive option to many. Start-ups also grew as people worked to make their ideas a reality, and later came venture capital financing, which helped set everything into motion.

With over 32.5 million small businesses in the U.S. today - ranging from a one-man sole trader business to those providing meaningful employment to many - small businesses have carved out an important, well-deserved place in the American business world.

Because of how critical small businesses are to our communities and economy, the Best of America Small Business Award only exists for them. The award aims to showcase the best of America's small businesses for their work and contribution to our community and encourage more small businesses to get excited about new opportunities.

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Did You Know?

8 Facts About Small Businesses that Will Blow Your Mind


    Even tech giants like Facebook had humble beginnings — inside a dormitory, actually.


    Half of startups won’t make it to the 5-year mark 99% of businesses will remain small.


    African-American women have been owning more & more firms - with a 322% jump, since 1997.


    What do Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, and Bill Gates have in common? They all are college dropouts.


    Most startup founders such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Michael Dell are school dropouts.


    Every second 3 new startups are invented worldwide, which leads to 11,000 startups per hour.


    Firms who find and pursue solutions to problems with no guarantees, are classed as startups.


    Some of the craziest ideas are the ones that withstood the test of time - example, Freight Farms (shipping container farms).

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The Best of America Small Business Awards is a prestigiously independent award that was created with an unwavering love for small businesses. We aim to showcase the best of small businesses for their outstanding work and contribution to their community. With over 150+ categories to choose from, the Best of America Small Business Awards is the one of the largest award for small businesses in the United States.

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