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    The prestigious Best of America Small Business Awards exist to recognize, celebrate, and promote exceptional small businesses in the United States.



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Big is big, but SMALL IS BETTER

The Best of America Small Business Awards are strictly designed for small businesses. To ensure fair competition and that your exemplary work shines, you will only be competing among other small businesses. Most importantly, we promise that no participants will experience favoritism or be required to join any membership club or invest in expensive flights or ballrooms to win. We want this recognition to help you gain instant credibility with your existing and potential clients.


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BASA Awards is America's no. 1 independent business award for small businesses only. Unlike other awards, all BASA entrants have an equal chance of winning despite their size or years in operation. With 150+ categories grouped into 6 tracks, all entries are only judged based on their work and achievements.

About the Awards

The BASA exists to celebrate small businesses, visionaries, innovators, disruptors, and entrepreneurs for their notable efforts in growing and building our economy and a better working world. Unlike other business awards, BASA is prestigiously independent and was created with an unwavering love for small businesses, as small is big for our economy, and small companies make up 99% of US companies. The award aims to showcase the best of small businesses for their work and contribution to their community and encourage more small businesses to get excited about new opportunities.

  • Strictly for small businesses only, we are unlike any other business awards.

  • Small businesses make our economy go round. We're on the hunt for the best small businesses.

The Trophy

Standing 11 ½ inches tall and weighing a robust 1.1 pounds, the Best of Business Small Awards official statuette is a sculpture of a woman using her might to reach for a star. It signifies the years of hardship and unrecognized work entrepreneurs and small businesses go through before carving their space in the community. Better known as Atalanta, the Best of Business Small Awards trophy name was inspired by the city where the award was founded and the story of the Greek Goodness Atlanta. 

She was a human huntress goddess that symbolized hunting, courage, and nobility, the traits of the entrepreneurs and small businesses we embody. The statuettes are all 100% handmade and made of ceramic with real gold luster. Up to 160 categories will be honored for their achievements in November 2024.


150+ Categories. 6 Tracks.

With 150+ categories to choose from, the award is not influenced by big corporations and has no nepotism, vetting process, or big guys always winning nature. BASA independent panel of judges only cares about one thing- YOUR WORK!

  • Small businesses make the economy go round. We are on the hunt for the best small businesses.

  • It’s time to recognize small businesses' entrepreneurs for their notable efforts in making it happen.

Let’s Celebrate Small Businesses Together

Judging Criteria

The Panel of Judges comprises industry experts and passionate small business owners who genuinely understand real-life challenges and how small businesses work, from bootstrapping to multi-million organizations. Our judges are only interested in YOUR WORK, not your team size, clients list, or the years you have been in operation. They will review and evaluate your entry fairly and without bias since they are genuinely interested in supporting small businesses' growth and innovation.

The BASA Awards give your small company a competitive edge and help you improve your reputation in the industry. Furthermore, when you become either a Finalist or a Winner, you will have some exciting news to share with clients and employees, and access to our small business expo."