World Health Day

April 7, 2023- World Health Day

Every year on April 7, the World Health Organization selects a theme that talks about current issues on health, ranging from mental health to insurance, thus setting the mood for what is about to go on worldwide. This year, World Health Day focuses on nurses and midwives, the relentless and always on-call workforce that has brought a great revolution in the healthcare industry today.

 How World Health Day Came About

 We cannot talk about World Health Day without discussing how the World Health Organization was created. Officials from Brazil and China back in December 1945 proposed to develop an international health organization that could encompass all health indices yet wholly independent from any government controls. Later after six months, in July 1946, the World Health Organization constitution was approved in New York, which came into force on April 7, 1948, signed into an agreement by 61 countries to establish the NGO.

One of the first official activities of the World Health Organization (WHO) was to create the celebration of World Health Day, which was first observed on July 22, 1949. However, the date was later changed to April 7 when WHO was established to encourage the participation of students. 

Every year since 1950, the member governments and WHO staff propose themes from which the sitting WHO Director-General chooses one.

 World Health Day is an opportunity worldwide for the world to focus its attention on important issues of health that affect the international community. On this occasion, promotional programs that run beyond April 7 are launched. In 2023, World Health Day seeks to shed more light on the critical functions of nurses and midwives in global healthcare provision. During that time, events promoting advocacy will be health around the globe such as the launching of the first State of the World’s Nursing Report, which aims to provide planning to optimize the contributions of the nursing workforce. Later in 2024, the Midwifery report.


  • Age-old Profession
  • According to the Roman Empire reports, nurses have existed since 300 AD.

  • A Lot of Walking
  • Averagely on a 12-hour shift, nurses are said to walk 4 to 5 miles.

  • Huge Number of Students
  • About half of all students in the health field at a higher education level are enrolled in nursing.

  •  Flexibility
  • Nursing is a profession whose practices are recognized universally; therefore, a registered nurse can work anywhere globally.

  •  Various Work Options
  • There are a variety of job positions that nurses can work in other than hospitals, such as forensics and educators.


    1. Health Awareness

    As one of the 8 World Health Organization’s official global health campaigns, World Health Day sparks awareness activities and media reports

    2. New Things to Learn

    By choosing a subject based on a year’s prevailing health issue, World Health Day allows us to always learn about the topic through a dedicated week of conferences and activities.

    3. Common Bond

    While it is an essential day for each to focus on their health, having conversations about health does help reduce the stigma that comes with certain diseases and usually leads to more people asking for support and treatment.

     All About Healthcare Industry

    • Health Care is expected to generate a revenue of up to USD 15.71 billion in 2023
    • By 2027, the revenue from Health Care is projected to see an annual growth rate of 12.25% (CAGR 2023-2027) which would result in a market volume of USD 24.94 billion by 2027
    • The Health Care segment is projected to host up to 84.4 users by 2027
    • The current user penetration level is at 21.7% but is poised to hit 24.3% by 2027
    • The expected average revenue per user (ARPU) is USD 213.20

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