International Women In Engineering Day is celebrated on June 23 to honor women in the engineering field and raise their profile one degree at a time. This day is a befitting tribute to the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) anniversary, established on June 23, 1919, and recognized by UNESCO.



International Women in Engineering Day is celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about the women who are transforming the world with their pursuit and incredible achievements in engineering. For centuries, even before the term ‘engineer’ was coined in the 11th century, women have played an essential role as designers and builders of critical structures and machines. However, such fields as engineering have been widely kept away from women. As educational institutions were established, most universities did not admit women until the early 1800s; admissions were still sectioned to traditionally ‘female’ fields.


Women, however, have not been deterred from participating in the engineering sector. In 1876, Elizabeth Bragg became the first woman to receive an engineering degree, a bachelor’s in civil engineering from the University of Berkeley. She paved the way for thousands of women of the 19th century who followed her lead. Also, the first computer program in the world was designed in collaboration between Ada Lovelace, a woman, and Charles Babbage.


Serious attention was later paid to women’s education in technical fields during the Second World War when major players launched quick on-the-job training schedules due to a looming shortage of technical labor. STEM continues to be dominated by men in the 21st century. Women continue to struggle in the field due to the gruesome gender gap and hiring discrimination they experience. Nonetheless, with passion and determination, women may close the gap and get high-paying engineering jobs like men soon.



  • Highest Gaps
  • The two fastest-growing and highest-paying fields of computer science and engineering have the highest gender gaps.

  • Extreme Pay Gap
  • Men make $15,000 more than their female counterparts in STEM.

  • Club of Boys
  • 72 % of the workers in STEM are men.

  • Twisted Scales
  • Although girls perform better than boys in math, they only make up 21%of all engineering students.

  • Deliberate Stereotyping
  • Since STEM fields are typically considered masculine, teachers and parents often underestimate girls’ math abilities as early as preschool.


    Promoting Women Engineers

    Women in Engineering Day celebrates pioneers such as Kimberly Bryant, who founded a nonprofit called Black Girls Code that offers free coding education to young African-American girls. The day also recognizes other leaders who have greatly contributed to engineering.

    Motivation For Young Girls

    There are a lot of growth opportunities in career choices in the engineering field, although it has been overshadowed by glowy visions of being a doctor or pilot. We grab the chance every year on June 23rd to motivate young girls to explore engineering and create their niche in the challenging but thrilling industry.

    Creation of Awareness

    The International Women in Engineering Day was brought into observation to pull up women who have taken careers in STEM by offering a platform for women engineers to share their experiences working in a technical industry and their challenges in this male-dominated industry.

    Statistics on Engineering Industry

    • Measured by revenue, the Engineering Services industry holds a market size of $360.1 billion in 2023, but it is expected to increase by 0.7% in the same year.
    • The United States currently employs over 228,911 engineers.
    • Men constitute 86.3% of all engineers, while women constitute 13.7%.
    • The percentage of female engineers and computer professionals varies with specialization; for example, there are only 9% female mechanical engineers and 32% environmental engineers. The computer industry has 18% software developers and 26% computer and information research scientists.

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