Occupational Therapy Month

Occupational Therapy Month-April 2023

April is Occupational Therapy Month in the United States when we celebrate the holistic approach to healthcare through Occupational Therapy (OT). It is also meant to celebrate the miracles of achievements that have been realized, the little steps taken to get things done, and the general importance of Occupational Therapy as a profession. Let’s celebrate this month as we pay deserving tributes to the heroes who have helped many get back on their feet.




The history of occupational therapy can be traced to over 100 years ago. However, Occupational Therapy Month was launched in 1980 following the annual expo and conference for the American Occupational Therapy Association. 

The first instance of occupational therapy is believed to have occurred in 100 B.C. where patients with mental or emotional disorders were treated. At the time, Ascelpaiades, a Greek physician, used massages, exercises, baths, and even music to cure stress and soothe the patients' minds. In contrast, Celsus, another Greek physician, treated his patients using conversation, travel, and music.

In the 1800s, occupational therapy was highly encouraged when its benefits were acknowledged and understood. The National Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), was founded by William Rush Dunton Jr., known as ‘the father of OT,’ who pushed firmly for occupational therapy and published the first professional account of occupational therapy. Despite OT being a holistic approach with no evidence-based practice, those with severe mental health challenges were treated by promoting engagement in meaningful tasks. In 1915, ‘the mother of OT’ Eleanor Clarke Slagle, organized the first program to educate occupational therapists. OT then became recognized as a distinct medical field, a significant turning point in the development of the practice.

Five Mind Blowing Facts About Occupational Therapy As A Career

  • The Best Job
  • Occupational Therapy ranks at number 4 in the Glassdoor list of 50 Best Jobs in America for 2019

  • Well Paying Job
  • Occupational Therapists are paid an average of USD 84,000 per year

  • Different Areas of Work
  • Occupational Therapists can work in schools, hospitals, home health agencies, mental health clinics as well as outpatient medical clinics

  •  Playing Pays
  • Occupational Therapy sometimes requires playing, and one gets paid for that.

  •  Minimal Readmissions In Hospitals
  • The only spending category that is linked to reducing hospital readmissions is OT


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