National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week April 16-May 7, 2023

National Volunteer Week is a week-long celebration celebrated on the third week of April annually that focuses on inspiring figures who, by volunteering, generally show great kindness in bettering the community and the world. This year, the celebration takes place from April 16 to May 7. The festival was established in 1974 and provided the best opportunity to thank you. It challenges us to do better and participate actively while joining hands to impact our local communities and seeking more support.


National Volunteer Week History


Whenever you turn, you see an opportunity to transform our world and lives; therefore, National Volunteer Week helps create awareness of the need to pump up volunteer efforts and spread the message of the sense of fulfillment that acts of volunteerism provide. The term ‚Äėvolunteer‚Äô is derived from ‚Äėvolontaire,‚Äô a 16th-century French word meaning ‚Äėvoluntary‚Äô associated with the military for ‚Äėone who offers himself for military service.‚Äô Later in the 1630s, the term began to transcend beyond the military into the civilian sense.


  • The Great Depression Was the Peak
  • To assist the millions of hungry, homeless, and unemployed through relief programs, the U.S. in the 1930s launched a well-coordinated large-scale volunteer effort.

    1.  International Year of Volunteer

    The United Nations General Assembly declared the year 2001 as the International Year of Volunteers (I.Y.V)

    1.  Great Help in Tragedy

    Volunteers are the people you see during the most trying moments in world history, such as Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami, the Indian Ocean earthquake, and Haiti's Earthquake, as they assist in disaster relief and recovery.

    1. ¬†Campaign Dubbed ‚ÄúUnited We Serve‚ÄĚ

    Calling for more engagement in service, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama announced this campaign dubbed ‚ÄėUnited We Serve.‚Äô

  • Boost for Volunteer Hour
  • Due to the pandemic Covd-19 in 2020, there was a boost of almost 5% in the value of a volunteer hour.


  • Great Feeling
  • Volunteering our services to give back to the community as we help others makes us feel empowered, fulfilled, and goal-driven. It ushers in greater achievements by making us feel happier and self-confident with a more positive outlook.¬†

  • Attached Benefits
  • Although service is all about helping others, it has its benefits, such as new skills, improved social interaction, higher self-esteem, recognition, and awards

  • Better Living Standards
  • In a world full of incredible challenges, we have managed to secure the future by rebuilding a more equitable society thanks to volunteers' lifesaving, immeasurable, tireless and selfless service.

    Statistics on Volunteering

     Formalized Volunteering

    More than 60.7 million people representing 23.2% of Americans, volunteered with organizations between September 2020 and 2021, serving an estimated 4.1 billion hours and an economic value of USD 122.9 billion.

     Non-Formal Assistance

    Between September 2020-2021, nearly 51% of Americans, equivalent to 124.7 million people, were informally helping their neighbors.

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