Salespersons must tidy up all the messy shelves in departmental stores and supermarkets to look clean and tidy. It is always good for shoppers to be thankful and appreciate these salespersons for their work, and National Salesperson Day offers that opportunity. Today, we thank all salespeople we meet and even post appreciation on social media.




Appreciate All

Whatever you are doing, when you meet a salesperson, be sure to thank them. They will certainly be thankful.


Share Your Story

Use the hashtag #NationalSalaespersonDay to share a favorite story about how a person went out of their way to assist, which makes people and salespeople feel good.


Give Away Gift Cards

You can go beyond by just handing a $5 gift card to your favorite coffee shop to thank that favorite salesperson who always helps.




Time to Give Back

Even though charitable giving rises today, there’s something that doesn’t cost a penny; saying ‘thank you.’ Make sure you take the chance to make the day brighter by showing gratitude.


Sales is a No-Easy Task

Sales jobs can lead to stress, uncertainty, pressure a midst long hours of work, and thanklessness but saying a ‘thank you’ can help alleviate at least one of these.


Customer is Always Right

This mantra makes more sense when you are the customer but barely does when you are on the sales side. The salesperson’s knowledge of their merchandise is unsurpassed, and customers must appreciate that.


  • The United States currently employs over 2,308,424 salespeople.
  • Women occupy 29.5% of sales slots, while 70.5% go to men.
  • The average age of an employed salesperson stands at 40 years.
  • By ethnicity, 56.2% of salespeople are white, 19.7% are Hispanic or Latino, Black or African American, 10.7%, and the rest, 7.3% are Asian.
  • In 2021, women earned only 84% of what men earned.
  • Private companies are more likely to employ 65% of salespeople than public companies.

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