If you’ve never been too sure about getting engaged, get ready because National Proposal Day is here with us on March 20. You may choose the form you want to use to celebrate this day, whether in a giant flash mob or a dinner where you make romantic declarations. March 20 is usually the first day of spring; the weather is awesome and the best time to show your love and care to your loved one.


1. Step up your proposal game
If you are going to propose, you need to take time and think properly about how you will do it. For example, you must prepare your loved one’s favorite dish in case you plan to propose over dinner. If it is in front of family and friends, plan a perfect engagement by ensuring her favorite family members are present.

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If you are single, let March 20 be an indication for you to mingle and be wild on your Bumble and Tinder or take your dog for a walk in a park and bump yourself into a beautiful stranger, and the options cannot be exhausted. Soon you will be headed for your proposal.

3.  Start the conversation
It is not always easy or pleasant to initiate a conversation around a future with your significant partner, but it is necessary. It is so disappointing to date a person for three years and more, only to realize that they were never serious the entire time. Hence, you need to grab the bull by the horns, start the conversation, and see how it ends.


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