National Mentoring Day is the perfect opportunity to remember that mentor who shaped you into the person you are today and to celebrate them. Award-winning business

mentor Chelsey Baker founded this day to highlight the importance of mentoring in all forms as well as focusing on how rewarding

mentoring can be to all that are involved.


The key message for this day is to raise awareness of the invaluable and rewarding

contribution that mentoring makes and its impact on both our economy and society. An award-winning business mentor founded the day, Chesley Baker, in 2014, in recognition and celebration of the importance of mentoring. The day promotes interactive discussions, events, and social media activities. Also, it facilitates a shared vision and synergies for all involved in the industry, showcasing the benefits of a mentor and being mentored. Today, top professional mentoring organizations, mentors, key influencers, and thought leaders celebrate mentors' work to support individuals or businesses.

Four ways to become a successful mentor, from Author Anthony K. Tjan, while writing in the “Harvard Business Review”;

  1. Put the relationship first, then mentorship after that.
  2. Look into the character above competency.
  3. Let your optimism shout and your cynicism be quiet.
  4. Let your level of loyalty to your mentee surpasses that you give to your company.

He concludes, “The best mentors avoid overriding the dreams of their mentees.”




  • Mentoring Sustains Businesses
  • 70% of only mentored small businesses survive the past five years


    1. Valuable

    97% of people being mentored attest to the high value of mentorship


    1. Effective Results

    When mentoring is included, 67% of businesses experience increased productivity.


    1. Few

    Businesses Get Mentored

    Currently, only 25 percent of small and medium-sized businesses utilize business mentors.


    1. From

    Student to Teacher

    More than 89% of those who have been mentored end up mentoring others, thus promoting a culture of learning.



    Emotional Moment

    On this day, mentors and mentees get an opportunity to share their experiences that have led

    to their growth, goals, and career.


    Global Collaboration

    Unity of minds brings about new ideas; thus, this day offers mentors, key influencers, and leaders from around the world a chance to celebrate their work as well as

    enable them to work together to create more impact in various ways.


    Shows All Forms

    This day highlights the various forms of mentoring, from youth mentoring to business

    mentoring at whatever stage of your life or career.

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