The week begins on the first Friday of October to honor the Manufacturing sector's contributions. This week shares information about the work done by industry and its impact on the country’s economy. The Manufacturing Institute, which works to develop technologies through public-private partnerships, initiated National Manufacturing Week, which the U.S. Census Bureau hosts.



National Manufacturing Week is an initiative of the Manufacturing Institute, which is an education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers that aims at supporting all workers in America in the industry with training and career growth programs. The

the institute developed one week to build up and support opportunities for American workers in the manufacturing industry.

The U.S. Census Bureau hosts this week to release studies and fact sheets. Statistics, papers, and other data display the impact and work of the Manufacturing sector in America and globally. The data seeks to capture the attention of businesses and policymakers so they can be familiar with the industry and continue supporting its work and workers countrywide. Moreover, the week is set up as an opportunity to develop and advertise jobs for potential workers and help existing workers develop their careers within the manufacturing industry. Although Manufacturing is a vital sector in the country, employment has declined, thus leading the institute to study and work on steps to support workers to preserve the sector.




  • Largest Manufacturers
  • The European Union, China, and

    the U.S. are the top three largest manufacturers in the world in that order.

  • Well-Paying Jobs
  • Historically, the manufacturing industry is recognized as the source of well-paying blue-collar jobs nationwide.

  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturers in the United States are the biggest spender on research and development, although that expenditure has been rising in different countries across the globe.

  • Jobless Recovery
  • Although the manufacturing industry recovered greatly after the Great Depression, employment remained low.

  • Topic In Election Campaigns
  • Elections in America are always clouded with discussions about employment in the manufacturing industry.


    Very Important Industry,

    The industry is very valuable in its contributions to the economy.

     More Employment Opportunities

    The manufacturing industry can potentially be an important employer for the American people; hence this week raises awareness and improves visibility for jobs in the industry.

    Supporting Workers

    This week offers us an opportunity to celebrate and support workers by helping them get resources to develop their careers.

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