Slated for February 20 annually, the National Leadership Day aims to cultivate leadership values in every single one of us, arguing well that the world would be a better place if each of us become responsible leaders in our various communities. Any human can be a great leader by just showing up and encouraging others to do the same; a good leader inspires his subjects to be the best versions of themselves. You can change a person’s life by coming out during crises to offer empathy as you listen to people.accidents, and more. 



Out of encouragement and perseverance, we can all be great leaders in our communities. Therefore, National Leadership Day reminds us that a leader exists in each of us. Not one organization could come up with such an important day, but several organizations across the globe and workplaces have their leadership days.

To have more people involved in leadership roles, organizations across America organize leadership workshops on this National Leadership Day, which helps organizations to utilize their workers fully and exploit the potential of their employees while making them independent and self-reliant. This will create workers who are loyal, honest, capable, able, and willing to take risks. Since organizations are measured by their leadership, having empathic leaders creates a system in which everyone pushes to be the best that they can be, thereby improving the work environment and productivity among workers.

However, National Leadership Day should not just be confined to workplaces. Leadership roles should be exercised in the family, classrooms, and communities. One of the most important qualities of a leader is the ability to show up when needed. If you care about others and are not afraid to lift others to their full potential, this day is definitely for you.


1. Queen Elizabeth II
Apart from being queen, she was a driver and a trained truck mechanic.

2. Abraham Lincoln
He was a trained, talented wrestler who was only defeated once in 300 competitive matches.

3.Barack Obama
On March 5, 2007, he set up his Twitter account.

4. Joseph Stalin
He wanted to be a priest to the extent he studied theology.

5. Theodore Roosevelt
In 1910, he was the first American president to fly a plane.


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