It takes a solid set of skills and talents to fill the shoes of an I.T pro. Therefore this day appreciates people who fix and make new computer devices. This day allows us to recognize the technical experts such as network engineers, system administrators, database administrators, ethical hackers, and many more in I.T. that ensure our consumer systems run smoothly. Also, let us take this chance to support I.T. students and help them find scholarship resources to advance their studies and become professionals in the field.



The day was created in 2015 to appreciate the tech wizards who fix computerized workstations to stay on the network and operate smoothly. Technology has advanced practically at the speed of lightning over the years. One must always keep up with the latest technical advent to manage any misfires in a given system. Today, we pat these guys and girls on the back, buy them coffee, and say, "Thanks!"


They Do What We Can't Do

I.T professionals have skills that make them look so unique, just like the magical auto-mechanic that diagnoses your car and fixes things you have never even heard of.

Recognition is In Order

Garbage collectors, postal carriers, truck drivers, and especially I.T. Professionals keep things running. They need to hear from everybody else that we consider them essential and indispensable since things would come to a screeching halt in their absence.

Know Your Acquaintance

On this day, you can take your I.T. pro for coffee and learn one or two things about them and their lives, and you could realize that you have similar interests.


Statistics of the I.T. Industry

I.T. Services market revenue is expected to reach USD 440.2 billion in 2023.

I.T. Outsourcing is the largest market segment, with an expected volume of USD 156.2 billion in 2023.

Projected revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.25% between 2023-2027, resulting in a market volume of USD 561 billion by 2027.

The I.T. Services market will reach an average Spend per Employee of USD 2.61k in 2023.

Most revenue will be generated in the U.S. as compared worldwide (USD 440.20 bn in 2023).

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