National Ag Day

National Ag Day – March 22, 2023

The National Ag Day is celebrated within Agriculture Week on March 22 to acknowledge the benefits of agriculture in what we eat, wear, and use daily is provided by agriculture. You can read the top agriculture journalist story to understand how agriculture affects our health and lifestyle. Therefore, on this day, we celebrate agriculture as we appreciate everyone working daily to feed the world, looking after crops and livestock, thus contributing to agricultural production.


The majority of us take agriculture for granted. The National Ag Day is a not-for-profit organization arranged by the Agriculture Council of America and consists of all the agriculture and food sector leaders. It is organized to honor and appreciate the efforts made by people related to agriculture and to promote awareness of the same to the public.

National Ag Day was founded in 1973 by the Agriculture Council of America. It is the day when all producers, agriculture organizations, universities, government departments, and corporations take the time to recognize the greatness of agriculture in our societies and lives. It was first celebrated in 1979 by the ACA, and since then, a lot of effort has been put into creating awareness about agriculture's role in our society. Therefore whether we are involved in agriculture or not, we need to learn about the production of food and fiber and how we can get safe, abundant, and useful products from agriculture together with employment opportunities. Thus we need to recognize the available career opportunities in agriculture.




  • 22 million people work in the agriculture field
  • The agricultural sector has employed over 22 million people

  •  A farmer feeds 144 people
  • More than ever before, today, each farmer feeds 144 people.

  •  The average age of farm workers
  • The average age of farmworkers today is at 58.3 years

  • Farmworkers consider agriculture their primary occupation
  • Farming is the primary occupation of 48% of farmworkers

  • The average size of farms in the U.S.
  • On average, the size of farms in the U.S. is estimated at 434 acres

     About the agriculture industry in the USA

    In 2021, agriculture, food, and related industries contributed a 5.4% share of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), equivalent to about USD 1.264 trillion. The output of America’s farms was 0.7% of the U.S. GDP, equivalent to USD 164.7 billion. However, agriculture's overall contribution to GDP is far above 0.7%. Sectors related to agriculture, such as food and beverage manufacturing, food and beverage stores, food services and eating or drinking dens, textile, and apparel, leather products, forestry, and fishing, lean heavily on agricultural inputs to be able to add value to the economy.

    10.5% of the total U.S. full-time and part-time employment, making 21.1 million in 2021, was related to agriculture and food. Out of this, direct on-farm employment accounted for 1.3 percent, roughly 2.6 million jobs. 18.5 million jobs were found in agriculture and food-related industries; out of this, 11.8 million being the largest share, were in food services, eating, and drinking places. Food and beverage stores accounted for 3.3 million jobs, while the remaining 3.4 million went to agriculture-related industries.

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