Health Information Professionals Week

Health Information Professionals Week, April 18-24, 2023

A health information professional, also known as a health information manager (H.I.M), manages all health information and data related to a patient, ensuring accuracy, security, and accessibility and that the data is up to date. They are the liaison between medical physicians, patients, and those interested in the information. Because of the kind, sensitivity, and amount of information about an individual, health information professionals are the most trusted; thus, the weight of responsibility is huge.



Health Information Professionals Week is believed to have been founded in 1990 by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), although no apparent records exist; hence 2021 marked 32 years of observation of the week. This week was founded to spread awareness about the importance of the work done by health information professionals or managers and their contributions to the social healthcare and medical ecosystems.


According to the American Health Information Management Association, the motto and H.I.P. Week aim to “keep health information human.” Thus, it is a great way to recognize and celebrate health professionals' investment and work to ensure the security of patients’ information and that the highest quality of care is accorded to them.


To understand where health information professionals fit into the broader healthcare system, it’s essential to trace the origin of health information management as a professional career path. Health information management as a profession can be traced way back to 1928 when the Association of Record Librarians of North America (ARNLA) was established as a subset of the American College of Surgeons (A.C.S.) to “elevate the standards of clinical records in hospitals and other medical institutions.”


The organization's name has since changed thrice, in 1938, 1970, and 1991 to the American Health Information Management Association, which was the last chance to accurately reflect the benefits of technology and data analytics on the processing and recording of health records and other information. Further, it helps show how health information management influences all healthcare spheres, including the doctor’s office, hospital, clinic, and other relevant places.


To honor and celebrate the exceptional health information professionals who demonstrate leadership, innovation, and unique talents in the field, AHIMA instituted the AHIMA Triumph Awards in 1994.



  • Investment in Health Apps
  • Over $500 million is spent every year on mobile health applications, according to research.

  •  Uninformed Patients
  • More than half of all patients do not know whether or not their health information exists electronically.

  • Tech-Dependent Physicians
  • It is said that more than 60 percent of physicians own and depend on tablets for data and information.

  • Specific Healthcare Degree
  • Many universities offer accelerated healthcare information technology degrees as a specific degree in healthcare.

  • Ratings are Important
  • It is estimated that $9 billion are spent annually on resources that help users to rate the healthcare industry.


  • Shedding Light On a Little-known Profession
  • It is not obvious that people know anybody is responsible for keeping all our medical records updated and secured. Most people do not realize that a person exists as a touchpoint for such things and that they are professionals in that field. Thus this week offers this unique chance for these health information professionals to be appreciated for their work in keeping things running smoothly for patients and physicians alike.

  • Awareness of Existing Career Opportunities
  • Many young people exploring future career paths or even people looking to change their careers in the same field may not be aware of this profession. Therefore, Health Information Professionals Week is an opportunity to spread awareness about career opportunities in health information, management, and health informatics. Thus, this week helps serve as a stepping stone to getting people interested in health information as a career path.

    • Global Relevance

    Across the world, you would not be lucky enough to find any nation or society lacking any healthcare information system; therefore, this week is quite important to patients and healthcare organizations worldwide.

    Statistical Data on Healthcare

    • The Health Care segment is expected to reach US$ 15.7 billion in revenue in 2023.
    • Income from Healthcare is expected to grow annually at a rate of 12.25% (CAGR 2023-2027), representing a projected market volume of USD 24.94 billion by 2027.
    • The Health Care segment is expected to have 84.4 million users by 2027.
    • In 2023, user penetration will be 21.7%, projected to reach 24.3% by 2027.
    • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is projected at USD 213.20

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