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Entries for the Best of America Small Business Awards are welcomed to September 10, 2023.

Who Can Enter the Awards

The Award is open to all successful small businesses based in the USA. Companies entering the Awards Program are required to present their business achievements in their applications. Achievements could include an interesting business idea or strategy that was implemented or an extraordinary project that was completed.

The Best of America Small Business Awards has six tracks and 150+ award categories for entrants to choose from. Categories should be selected based on the nature of the entering business and its achievements. Entrants that are not selected as category award winners will be eligible to make BASA’s Top 300 Small Businesses list.

“Small businesses don’t receive enough recognition for their contribution despite making up 99% of our economy. They invest, hire, and offer good products and services to their community - they truly give but are hardly acknowledged as business accolades - more often than not, they go to big companies. We want to change that. We understand what it takes to keep a small business going, and we want them to feel accomplished and proud - but, most of all, to be inspired and motivated to continue, knowing that their business idea and the efforts they have put in are valued and recognized." says Anna Stella, President of of the Best of America Small Business Awards (BASA).

The Awards Judges Panel

The BASA Judges Panel comprises independent industry experts from various backgrounds who are passionate about small business achievements and success. The esteemed BASA judges will evaluate entries based on the awards judging criteria.

The complete list of our Judges' Panel will be announced in June 2023.

"Transparent, authentic judging is important to BASA. It is one of our guiding principles and an attribute that we believe is important to a lot of small businesses. Often, small companies get overshadowed by large corporations who are able to influence the outcome of awards programs - of course, to their benefit. BASA will not engage in that - here, everything is transparent, there are no strings attached, no hidden agendas, no pre-planned outcomes," continues Anna Stella.


About Best of America Small Business Awards

The Best of America Small Business Awards exists to celebrate small businesses, visionaries, innovators, disruptors, and entrepreneurs for their notable efforts in growing and building economies and a better working world. Unlike other business awards, BASA is a prestigiously independent award and was created with an unwavering love for small businesses, as small is big for our economy, and small companies make up 99% of U.S. companies. The award aims to showcase the best of small businesses for their work and contribution to their community and encourage more small businesses to get excited about new opportunities.

With over 150+ categories to choose from, the award is not influenced by big corporations and has no nepotism, vetting process, or big guys always winning nature. The BASA trophy is a hand-made work of art uniquely created in Italy by the internationally acclaimed artist Ithaca.

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