Consumer Awareness Week

April 13-17, 2023-Consumer Awareness Week

The Consumer Awareness Week, which will take place this year from April 13 to 17, aims to create awareness among buyers and consumers about their fundamental rights, such as access to information about the goods and products they buy. Sellers are required by law to indicate product ingredients and follow the provided guidelines regarding the quality and standard of those products. Breaking any of these set rules makes you liable for a court proceeding. Since consumers are compelling, several laws have been enacted to protect them from exploitation. If you do not know all your rights as a consumer, attend this year’s Consumer Awareness Week to learn more.


Historical Background of the Consumer Awareness Week


Consumer awareness means that consumers understand production regulations intended to protect their interests and ensure that businesses manufacture high-quality items that do not endanger consumers' health and safety.

We have the following rights that consumers enjoy: 

  • The right to Safety protects the consumer from products that could cause mental or physical hurt. 
  • Right to Information makes it illegal to compel a client to choose a product.
  • Right to Choose makes it mandatory that the packaging data should include all the information  the customer needs to have
  • Right to be Heard enables a consumer to complain about a product that does not meet expectations
  • Right to Seek Redressal allows the consumer to get a refund or a replacement for unsatisfactory goods
  • Right to Consumer Education guarantees the consumer access to all information about the products and the government’s rights and responsibilities.


The Consumer Protection Act of 1986 evolved consumer awareness and rights and created laws the government implemented for consumers. John F Kennedy was recognized for his speech against harassment of consumers as he encouraged people to increase awareness of consumer laws, including their rights of choice, information, and safety, and to be heard.



  • Replacement Right
  • If a consumer is not satisfied with a product, they can get it replaced

  • Trader and Delivery Services
  • Any product sent by the courier services is under the responsibility of the trader.

  •   Indiscriminate Service
  • You cannot refuse to service a consumer based on nationality or the recipient's residential address.

  •  If no dealer response
  • The consumer can approach the District Consumer Protection Council if there is no dealer or service provider response.

     Statistics About US Consumers

     According to Trading Economics, the average Consumer Spending in the US from 1950 to 2022 was at $6213.81 billion, with an all-time high record of $14252.20 billion in quarter four of 2022 and a record low of $1403.69 billion in quarter one of 1950.

    Buying products in the US is long and complicated due to the various channels consumers use to shop and buy products. Retailers succeed in omnichannel selling involving, both online and offline. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping increased sharply and remained dynamic in 2022.

    According to the US Department of Commerce, during the pandemic's peak in the second quarter of 2020, consumers spent USD 200.72 billion online with US retailers, which is 44.4% higher compared to USD 138.96 billion in a similar period in 2019. Moreover, according to Census Bureau, retail e-commerce sales increased by 2.4% to $250 billion in the first quarter of 2022  compared to the fourth quarter of 2021.

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