A conversation with THE BASA JUDGES

Param Singh

Param is an accomplished Vice President at Oberon Securities, leveraging over 12 years of experience to guide clients and teams through their most formidable challenges, but how did he get here?

The Best of America Small Business Awards recently welcomed Param to the BASA Independent Judging Panel. We recently had a sit-down interview to learn more about him and his passion for small businesses.


Param, what is your background in the industry? Why did you choose this profession and this industry?


I started my journey as a fresh engineering graduate in the dynamic world of Indian Railways Construction; I then pursued an MBA and Master of Science and was inspired to get involved with International Finance Corporation (IFC) at the World Bank. Working at the IFC triggered a passion for finance, leading to a career with Deutsche Bank and Macquarie Capital. Today, I work with Oberon Securities. In my current role, I work with visionary entrepreneurs and founder-owned businesses aspiring to elevate their businesses to new heights. I focus on facilitating their growth by securing capital and forging strategic partnerships. This is more than a profession; it's a heartfelt commitment to nurturing dreams into tangible achievements.


Can you describe your job in one line?


I assist businesses in achieving their goals by providing strategic guidance during pivotal decision-making moments. I also help in facilitating connections with investors who closely share their visions.


What are some of the key challenges that you see facing small businesses now?


Small businesses often excel within their niches but lack awareness of the broader industry trends and macroeconomic dynamics. The leaders of these enterprises often assume diverse responsibilities, encompassing sales, marketing, operations, and supply chains. Amidst these multi-faceted demands, they might inadvertently overlook key growth factors vital for their business advancement.


"In business, miscommunication can often arise. Cultivating patience, empathetically comprehending the other party's perspective, and collaboratively seeking solutions can effectively address such challenges."


What makes a successful business in your industry?


A successful financial advisor possesses a blend of deep industry knowledge and a client-centric approach to providing tailored and informed financial solutions to its customers.


Do you have any advice for someone looking to follow in your footsteps?


Finance and investment banking aren't solely about technical expertise. While hard skills are essential, it's critical to master people skills. Interpersonal finesse is necessary when working with small teams and managing superiors and subordinates, which extends to the clients. So, for those seeking my path, remember: It's not just numbers but also about understanding and connecting with people.


The Best of America Small Business Awards are about authentic, independent recognition. Why do you think that's important?"


Awards are of great value to small businesses. They instill confidence and validate accomplishments. Small businesses often overlook their achievements and daily strides amid the daily grind. There are a lot of lessons that they might have that others could benefit from. Independent awards like BASA serve as a platform for industry-wide recognition, showcasing top performers and best practices. In essence, awards create a dynamic stage to highlight excellence and promote knowledge exchange.


"Every business learns through their mistakes and finds those best practices. The BASA Awards are a great platform to share excellence and exchange best practices."


What would you like to see from participants entering the awards?


I would like to see the details about the challenges and innovative solutions in the entries. I'm particularly excited to learn about their innovative strategies to overcome obstacles.