World Bartender Day


We cannot imagine a pub, bar, or nightclub that can run without a bartender. The hospitality industry cannot do without bartenders, for they keep patrons well served with drinks, most of which are alcoholic, so that everyone can enjoy their time. You will most likely ask a bartender when unsure which drink to take. If you wish to try something new, that’s how you will get to know your next favorite beverage; therefore, as we celebrate World Bartender Day on February 24 every year, we recognize their roles in our lives. So the next time you visit a pub, don’t forget to appreciate it.



The first bartending is believed to have been held way back in the 1400s, thus making bartending one of the oldest professions among men. It is said to have emerged in locations such as Rome, Greece, and Asia several thousand years ago when bartenders would be innkeepers and owners of alehouses who could make their brews and liquors to serve patrons. 

The common public had no positive opinion about bartending until the 19800s and would ethically and morally judge bartenders. Jerry Thomas, the ‘father of bartending,’ became so popular when he began to create unique cocktails in his bars in New York City. He became the first to write a book on bartending, entitled ‘The Bar-Tender’s Guide’ or ‘How To Mix Drinks’ published in 1862; thus, people’s opinions shifted favorably.

From then, over the years, bartending has gained more respect for being one in which creativity, skill, and keenness are given attention in creating, making, and even serving drinks, bearing in mind that customers sometimes become unruly. In the 1920s and early 30s, the United States went through prohibition, making trade experience depression. However, bartenders have sprung back into action, and no hospitality establishment can do without them today. World Bartender Day, which might have emerged from a cocktail competition in Australia and New Zealand, called the Perfect Blend, seeks to appreciate the creativity and skills of those serving in bars worldwide.



1. Our brains respond very fast to alcohol.
Within the first 6 minutes of taking a sip, we begin to feel tipsy.

2. Country Songs Inspiration
A fifth of all country songs are inspired by alcohol.

3. Milkshakes not for children previously
Some of the earlier brands of milkshakes had alcohol content and thus were not meant for children

4.Vodka is the most popular alcohol globallyIt is estimated that 5 billion liters of vodka are consumed annually5.Vodka removes bad smellsIf you spray your clothes with vodka, it can kill germs that cause odors


The bar and nightclub sector in the United States is one of the most lucrative food and drinks services industries. Also known as pubs or taverns, bars serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alongside a light food menu. Its market size by 2021 had reached USD 22.91 billion, up from USD 18.63 billion in 2020. By 2022, the market was forecast to increase to USD 26.67 billion.

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