Web Designer Day

Web Designer Day, May 31, 2023

The vastness of the internet is admirable. However, a web designer created and designed it for every page and site on the internet. All this was done by a human being laboring genuinely to bring you the wonders that help spread information daily. It could be a professional trying to carve out every bit of code or a hobbyist using a prior-built site and themes.


For the web to exist, someone had to spend a lot of time developing the first ever website since the conception of the internet. Eventually, dozens of video and audio protocols and many web browsers were built. Then arose Chat rooms, and YouTube was born and developed by a quiet set of people who watch as we enjoy what they labored for.


Although Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, numerous unnamed developers keep the service functioning. Apart from building the gorgeous sections of a website, web designers also produce all of the small bits and pieces that keep a site functioning in the background with various specialties. Without web designers, the world would be a boring hunk of dirt because they channel their creativity into building an alternative world we have come to depend on. Whether it is about creating an e-commerce store or social media platform, National Web Designer Day offers an opportunity to recognize the important work done by these people.



  • Surfing on the go
  • It is now more common than ever to access the web while traveling due to the advances in mobile devices.

  • Misrepresented Terms
  • Although used interchangeably, the internet and the World Wide Web are different.

  • Factory Settings
  • Apart from the website launched by Bernes-Lee in a lab in the Swiss Alps in 1991, most early websites are not operational.

  • First Image On the Internet
  • The first image to be shared on the internet was of a comedy band, Les Horribles Cernettes, taken by an I.T. developer at a Swiss lab.

  • Genius
  • The idea of a database of hypertext links that allow individuals to transmit data and interact across networks was developed by a scientist at CERN named Tim Bernes-Lee.


  • Keep The World In Motion
  • This holiday is designated to recognize internet contributors whose contributions have affected us directly or indirectly.

  • Hope for The Future Generations
  • As web designers constantly contribute to breaking the boundaries of our possibilities as a global community and inspire the next generation of creatives, they inspire us all.

  • Innovativeness
  • Web designers are the central nerve in creating the innovations we now depend on.

    Statistics of the Web Design Industry

    The Web Design Services industry in 2023 boasts a market size of $11 billion as measured by revenue but is expected to decline by -0.5%

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