National Freelance Business Week

National Freelance Business Week, April 17-23, 2023

This year April 17-23 is the third week of the year 2023. We celebrate National Freelance Business Week, which aims to bring together freelance businesses and their owners to share ideas and thoughts, ask questions, find answers, and feel belonging to a larger community. Although freelance businesses are independently run, unity and a sense of community are still required for them to keep moving onwards and upwards.




Freelancing is not a new idea, as it has existed for centuries as the word ‘freelance’ was first printed in the early 19th century in the article “The Life and Times of Hugh Miller” by Thomas N Brown. Sir Walter Scott later used it to reference his work “Ivanhoe.” In the original context, ‘freelancers’ were mercenary soldiers who sold their services in the Middle Ages, which is quite analogous compared to its meaning today.


Over the years, the term has gained more prominence in the corporate world, thus outgrowing its military roots, although the meaning did not see any significant changes during this transition. Freelancers continue to compete in the market as they sell their products and services to several businesses and get paid.


In today's context, freelancing means being self-employed and not dedicating your services to a single employer for long. Freelancers sometimes pick a temporary agency or firm to resell their services and represent them, while others prefer to work through professional associations or websites or independently.


According to Emily Leach, some pioneers in the world of freelancing, active and uplifting communities give freelancers the best environment for work. Emily built the largest community of freelancers in the U.S. and declared the third week of April the National Freelance Business Week annually.

 Benefits of the National Freelance Business Week

  • Building A Community
  • Although Freelancing is mostly an individual affair, this week offers freelancers a sense of community and a place to come to when they need support and inspiration

  • Wider Array of Opportunities
  • With freelancing, we no longer look at just a few career options but can now be our employers and create profitable ventures.

  • Variety of Opportunities
  • With guidance from people already part of the freelancing community, this week educates us on the new opportunities available and encourages us to explore different paths.

    Statistics on Freelancing

    The total annual earnings from freelancing in the U.S. totals USD 1.3 trillion as freelancing, especially Upwork, holds an important place in the economy of the U.S. and the labor market. Overall, earnings from freelance work in the U.S. grew by USD 100 million from 2020 to 2021, totaling $1.3 trillion.

    As of 2022, there were 70.4 million freelancers in the U.S.

    The United States labor force has over 164.3 million people, 36% of whom work as freelancers.

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