Celebrate Diversity Month

April 2023-Celebrate Diversity Month

Celebrate Diversity Month was initiated in 2004 to recognize and honor the diversity that exists in our world. Whether it is the differences in gender, race, ethnic alignment, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation, April is the time to recognize and understand these diversities while still honoring the basic meaning of humanity. As we appreciate our similarities and differences, the main aim is to get people to pursue a deeper understanding of others, no matter who or what they are or how they live. Moreover, it is also an opportunity to enhance diversity in the workplace and academic fields, and several scholarships seek to address this topic.


History of Celebrate Diversity Month


Celebrate Diversity Month was established in 2004 after a campaign led by two diversity consulting firms in America, ProGroup Inc., and Diversity Best Practices. It aims to address the fast-growing multiculturalism worldwide today so that it can be handled sensibly. 


The idea of diversity is important in assuring that we can understand each other deeply in ways that keep us humble and open to the fact that the world is not all about us and our beliefs only. As we continue to understand human nature, we become better people.


Having a diverse workforce in the business world helps ensure that different ideas and perspectives are considered in decision-making, which will boost the company’s bottom line as it nurtures strong interpersonal skills among employees that can help them inside and outside the office. In the social sphere, though, interacting with other cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives about life will open our eyes to understanding how the world works. Refusing to appreciate others is the root cause of the world’s problems. Celebrate Diversity Day helps us to be aware that we can build a world of tolerance that can accommodate anyone, regardless of who they are.



  • It Promotes Tolerance for Differences
  • Diversity goes beyond simply acknowledging different cultures and ethnic alignment. Still, it is also concerned about our understanding of these cultures and our willingness to listen and appreciate even those we do not know well. This month aims to explore new viewpoints on the lives of people around you to educate yourself as you foster a more tolerant society.

  •   It Widens Viewpoint
  • We need to understand and broaden our perspectives to understand that of others. As they say, “experience is the best teacher,” which means you can understand other cultures well by experiencing them. This month allows us to respect and celebrate our differences, making the world a very interesting place today.

  •  Shakes Our Comfort Zones
  • We often tend to isolate ourselves in our worlds and cannot see the world as it is. Therefore, Celebrate Diversity Month helps kick us out of this zone into a greater and more worthwhile experience. For most groups, this is a month of refreshing and thought-provoking experiences. It is a time to reflect.

    Statistics on Diversity

    The American labor force is more diverse than ever before, but issues around diversity in the workplace continue to be experienced. However, in businesses, the country's commitment to diversity and inclusion is visible in fifty states. Below is a summary of the results of extensive research done by our data analysts:

    The American workforce comprises 77% white people, 18% Hispanic or Latinos, and 13% Black people. 

    • There is a 35% more likelihood that companies with racially and ethnically diverse leadership will financially outperform those with little or no diversity.
    • Regarding company performance, there is a 15-21% positive variance between companies with greater gender diversity against those with little or no gender diversity in their staffing.
    • 67% of job seekers look for companies with a diverse workforce.
    • 50% of employees in America want their companies to put more of their efforts into ensuring diversity and inclusion in their places of work.
    • There’s more cash flow per employee, up to 2.3 times in more inclusive companies compared to monolithic or less diverse work environments.
    • More than three-quarters of workers have a preference for diverse companies compared to monolithic ones.
    • Between 1999 to 2019, the number of female workers in the U.S. grew by 18.5%. In addition the number of black employees in the U.S. grew by 26%

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