Announcing the BASA Awards 2023 Finalists

It is time to reveal the Finalists as the Best of America Small Business Award evaluation continues. The nominees' entries‘ caliber and vision were exceptionally high this year. Out of the many impressive submissions, the Finalists have been selected by the Judges. All Finalists are immediately admitted for the public vote from October 23 to November 3, 2023.

We look forward to announcing the Winners and the TopList after the public voting and the second Judging Round 2 are completed.  

Created with an unwavering love for small businesses, the BASA Awards promotes small businesses for their notable efforts in growing their business while building their communities and a better working world. 

How the Public Vote Works

During the public voting, Finalists can rally their circles, such as clients, partners, family, and friends, to vote for them. Voters can only cast one vote. Check out the nominees and vote for the one you think deserves it the most!