Celebrate Small. Shop Local. May is Small Business Month.



Celebrate Small. Shop Local. May is Small Business Month.

May is Small Business Month, a time where we celebrate and support small businesses. They say that “dynamite comes in small packages,” and in much the same way, small businesses deliver a mighty impact on our economy and communities. Throughout this month, we honor the hard working entrepreneurs who contribute so much to our neighborhoods year-round. In celebration of this we present 5 reasons why you should shop local.

Provide the Local Economy a Boost

Did you know that when you spend a single dollar at an independent business, it generates three times more economic activity in the local community than spending that same dollar at a chain store? In this small, yet significant way, your local purchases keep money circulating within the community, fostering growth and development.

Local Jobs Deserve Support

Small businesses are the largest employers in the country. By giving them your support, you’re actively contributing to job creation and stability in your own community.

Create Awareness and Provide Support

By shining a light on the challenges small businesses face and the resources available to them helps set these organizations up for success. Your support can make a BIG difference in their sustainability and growth.

Source Unique Products

Small business owners often innovate to cater to niche markets, offering you unique products that you may not find anywhere else. Supporting these businesses leads to discovering one-of-a-kind items and encourages creativity and diversity in the marketplace.

The Enjoyment of the Personal Experience

One of the hallmarks of small businesses is their personal touch. Whether it’s a chance to engage in friendly conversation, personalized service, or the sense of community they help foster, small businesses provide an experience you seldom get from larger chains.

As Anna Stella, the BASA Awards President, beautifully puts it, “Supporting small businesses is an easy, important, and impactful way to help build a stronger and more resilient community. ‘May’ this inspire you to shop small and local.”