Welcome to the BASA Awards

The BASA Awards are established to celebrate and promote small businesses in Canada for their notable efforts in growing and building the economy of the country and the world at large.

Next steps:

  • 1  Create an account.
  • 2  Clear your entry fees.
  • 3  Receive a confirmation link in your email. Fill in your entry before the deadline on Zealous. You have until August 30, 2024, to complete and edit your application.
  • 4  Upon approval of your entry, it will be submitted for the first round of judging.
  • 5  Entries attaining 75% or higher will be the finalists and are eligible for Public Voting.
  • 6  Entries admitted to the public voting are encouraged to rally their circles to vote for them. Get as many people as possible to vote. Only one vote counts. After public voting, judges will evaluate the entries for final scores and winner selection.
  • 7  Winners are announced.

Best of luck!


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Early Bird Fees
$200 for the first entry, $60 for additional entries, until May 20, 2024.

Early Deadline Fees
$215 for the first entry, $90 for additional entries, until August 20, 2024.

Regular Deadline Fees
$225 for the first entry, $90 for additional entries, until August 30, 2024.

Entrants with the highest average score per category from both judges and public votes will be named BASA Winners. All winners will be notified via email of the positions of their entries for the 2024 BASA Awards in November, 2024. The Digital Winners' Kit with banners, badges, and seals will be sent email. The Winners' Kit with the Winner's certificate, will be mailed in December 2024. Winners can also order the trophy Atlanta, which will be available until December 30, 2024. The trophy Atlanta is 100% handmade in ceramic with real gold luster. It is uniquely created for the Best of Canada Small Business Awards. You can find more information on the trophy here