By invitation only and strictly limited to one nomination per company.


Big is big, but SMALL IS BETTER

The BASA Awards ® is especially designed for small businesses to ensure fair competition, guaranteeing that you will only ever compete against other small businesses. More importantly, we promise you that there is no favoritism, no obligatory club membership fees, or the need to invest in expensive flights or venues to win. Our aim is to reward your business with the instant credibility you deserve with existing and potential clients through this recognition.

About the Awards

The BASA Awards® celebrates small businesses, visionaries, innovators, disruptors, and entrepreneurs for their outstanding contributions to our economy and their efforts in building a better world.  Unlike other business awards, the BASA Awards® is proudly independent and inspired by a passion for small enterprises.  With small businesses comprising 99% of Canadian companies we recognize that the small sector plays a big role in our economy. The BASA Awards® aims to present the very best of small businesses for their exceptional work and contributions to their communities, and to encourage others to experience new opportunities for growth.

  • We are unlike any other business awards. We’re for small businesses only.

  • Small businesses are at the center of our economy. We’re looking for the best small businesses out there.

150+ Categories. 6 Tracks.

There is none of that ‘big guys always winning’ nature here. With more than 150 categories to choose from, the  award is not influenced by big corporations, nepotism, or the vetting process. The BASA Awards® Judges prioritize one thing only - YOUR EXCEPTIONAL WORK!

  • Small businesses make the economy go round. We are on the hunt for the best small businesses.

  • It’s time to recognize small businesses' entrepreneurs for their notable efforts in making it happen.

The Trophy

The BASA Awards’ official statuette depicts a woman using all her determination to reach for a star. Standing just under 11 ½ inches tall and weighing a sturdy 1.1 pounds, she is designed to represent the years of hardship and unrecognized labor that entrepreneurs and small businesses endure before carving a space for themselves in their community. Named Atlanta, the BASA Awards® trophy’s namesake was inspired by the city where she was founded and the story of the Greek Divinity, Atlanta. 

The goddess was a human huntress, signifying courage and excellence, traits in entrepreneurs that we celebrate. The statuettes are all 100% handmade of ceramic with real gold luster. More than 150 categories will be celebrated for their achievements by the end of November 2024.


Let’s Celebrate Small Businesses Together

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